"I would absolutely recommend him as an attorney. He treated me and my case with great care and respect, and was able to get me the results I wanted."

- Ray K.

Court House
Does your office do payment plans?
Sometimes we will work with people on payment by way of a payment plan. Frequently we require at least half of our fee prior to appearing in court, and then will allow the remaining balance to be paid during the course of the representation. However, this decision is made on a case by case basis.
Do I have to appear at all my court appearances?
Frequently in misdemeanor or municipal cases, the client's presence is not necessary for most court appearances. However, in Felony cases the client is almost always required to be present, absent extremely unusual circumstances.
What time should I arrive at court?
Arrive early. Usually at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled court time. Sometimes there can be long lines at security, as well as extremely crowded court rooms with limited seating. Some judges get extremely upset at defendants who are tardy. Always make sure you are in the courtroom and seated when the judge takes the bench.
How do I dress for court?
The best answer is how you would dress for church. A suit and tie isn't necessary, but shorts, flip flops and a cut off t-shirt are unacceptable. Well kept jeans and a button down shirt are acceptable.
Who will make sure I attend my court dates?
YOU and you alone are responsible for attending each of your court dates. Our office will make sure you are told about your court dates, and we are available to answer questions should you forget. However, it is the clients responsibility to make sure they attend court when required.